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Where to buy ILEGAL

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As only a few of us will be the lucky ones, we invite you to find us on the winelists at some of these bars and restaurants. You can enjoy an ice-cold Ilegal Malted Wine alongside the chef’s selection.


What inspired us to create Ilegal

Ilegal Malted Wine came from the idea of going a step beyond and trying out a flavour that could even be a crime in some cultures.  The idea of blending beer and wine may sound crazy but we’ve devised a perfect combination working with them together right from the mashing of the malted barley.


We don't stop creating

We’ve achieved an incredible flavour but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. We’re continuing to work with different types of wine, blending it with different malts, hops and yeasts. Why not experiment with us and tell us what you think of Malted Wine? Any new ingredient, flavour or pack size you think we should try? Write to us at!